Rebuilt Kit

Is your Trojan Horsewalker in good shape but hasn't worked in years?

The rebuild kit is your solution!   For approximately HALF the price of a new walker, you get a NEW Drive Assembly covered by Trojan's warranty!

Drive system utilizes a variable speed, 2 HP / 3 Phase electric motor that mounts directly to an industrial gearbox. From the gearbox a carbon steel shaft moves the heavy duty chain to control the speed of the exerciser.  Trojan’s control boxes are easy to use and allow our clients to adjust the direction and speed as they see fit for their specific needs.  These control boxes can be special ordered to include pre-programmed exercises if desired.

Trojan Horsewalker Rebuild Kit

With some of Trojan’s exercise products being out in the field for over 55 years, there is no doubt that time and miles have had an impact on these valuable tools.  The good news is that due to the robust design of all the Trojan exercisers, the only parts that typically need repair and attention are the drive systems.  So we have put together an affordable option to come in and make all of our existing clients’ products as close to new as they can be.

Our Rebuilt Kit is approximately HALF THE COST of a new exerciser.  By stripping the old drive system from your existing exerciser and installing our new drive system design, Trojan is able to warranty the system again and give our clients the same benefits of a brand new product.


Original Trojan Horsewalker design still in use.

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