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Installations - Warranty - Safety


A cement pad is not necessary or required for the Trojan Horsewalker.

But if our customer preferred a solid pad, the following recommendations are as follows:

Cement Pad 7' x 7' x Minimum of 6" Thick


8" x 8" plates should be set in the cement pad, flush with the top. Set in approximately 8" off each corner to prevent cracking.  We recommend 8" x 8" square plates, a minimum of 1/4" thick steel, with rebar set in the cement.

Customer is asked to install wiring from the power source to the horse walker and connect it to the cover box of the machine.  If the customer does not want to install the wiring, please make arrangements with a qualified electrician to do the work.  Trojan Horsewalkers also ask the customer to furnish cement for the installation of the horse walker unit.  (usually 4 to 5 sacks of ready-mix)

PLEASE NOTE:  If your area has particularly sandy soil a cement pad may be preferred.  A cement pad will also eliminate grass and weeds growing in the Horsewalker area.


Trojan Horsewalkers are warrantied by the manufacturer for one year from the date of purchase.  The warranty protects against defects in workmanship and/or materials.  This warranty means that only the parts that prove defective during the period of warranty will either be repaired or replaced at our option.  Trojan Horsewalkers will reimburse any initial purchaser for surface freight charges incurred in returning defective parts.  Also, Trojan Horsewalkers will assume the cost of returning the repaired or replaced parts.

There is no warranties that extend beyond the description of the face hereof.

No one has the authority to make any representations concerning the operation of the Trojan Horsewalkers except those made in writing by Trojan Horsewalkers.

This warranty does not apply if the damages occur because of

*  an accident,

*  improper handling or operation,

*  abuse or misuse,

*  repeated failure within the warranty period,

*  acts of God such as lighting or flooding

This warranty is in conjunction with the equipment warranty.  No other person, firm, or corporation is authorized to assume for Trojan Horsewalkers any other liability in connection with the demonstration, use of, or sale of its products.

Trojan Horsewalkers shall not, in any event, be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, secondary charges, expenses for installing or disconnecting, or losses to person or property resulting from any failure of the product.

All liability for any incidental or consequential damages is expressly excluded.


The ends of our walker arms are approximately 9 1/2' above the ground, which tends to minimize the problem of a rearing horse.  We also equip all lead walkers with quick connects/disconnects to allow for all horses to be released very quickly from the walker if an incident happens that requires it.