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"Free Flow" Exercisers

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With over 55 years of reputable experience, the Trojan Free Flow Exercisers are built with quality material and a solid construction frame.  The emergency stopping feature allows owners to have control as well as peace of mind for horses safety. Minimal maintenance, user-friendly controls, and total running cost as little as $0.12/ hour make this exerciser a great option for a variety of users.


6 Arms

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4 Arms

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More Features Include:


  • Push-button digital control box
  • Direct power drive system
  • Totally enclosed steel cover on all the drive components
  • Speed 0 mph to 20 mph, forward and reverse
  • 220 Volt Power System
  • Variable speed control, including reverse, allows stress-free safe movement in all gaits, walk, trot, or cantor
  • Electrified steel screen dividers
  • Solar power electrical panel charger with wiring

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